YouTube Partners Tips

· June 2, 2014


#1. YouTube Partners: Guide to setting up your account

There are many benefits to becoming a YouTube partner. Here you’ll learn helpful information about your account.
When you log into your YouTube account and click on the drop down menu, you’ll see links to my channel, video manager, subscriptions, and YouTube settings. YouTube settings is where you’ll manage various account level changes such as your password and email options.


#2. YouTube Partners: Learn about YouTube policies and guidelines

Following community guidelines will increase the visibility of your content on YouTube.
Here are three guidelines to follow:
Respect the community, create advertiser-friendly content, and report violations using the flag button. Following these guidelines could mean more views and more user engagement. Here’s a history lesson for you. YouTube was founded by a couple guys who wanted a good easy way to share videos with their friends, family, and community. Growing globally since then, the YouTube community has flourished into hundreds of millions of users and billions of video views per day, and it’s growing rapidly.


#3. YouTube Partners: Learn about copyright basics

Creating content that is completely original is the best protection against copyright infringement claims. You created some amazing content, but when submitting your video for monetization, you must clarify your commercial usage rights to any and all content in your video.


#4. YouTube Partners: Grow your audience with YouTube tools

Audience development can help build loyalty and increase viewer engagement on your channel.
Keep your fan base growing by: creating great content, interacting with your audience, and using annotations and metadata. When it comes to building a loyal audience, content is king. There’s no recipe for creating great content, just use your talent, passion, and originality to make content that’s interesting and entertaining. Also, consider creating videos or segments that feature the audience or are centered around engaging with them.


#5. YouTube Partners: Grow your audience with social media

Use social media to build viewership and develop deeper engagement with your audience. Using social media is a great way to help your fans promote your channel. Make sure to track engagement from these sites, and use analytics to identify which sites users are coming from to watch your videos.


#6. YouTube Partners: Guide to your YouTube analytics

YouTube analytics provides you with the insights to help you grow your channel and maximize revenue with detailed information on earnings, audience engagement, traffic sources and more. Analytics also includes filters that allow you to sort by content, geography, and date, so you can quickly discover if a video is popular in a certain region or look at performance over a date range.


#7. YouTube Partners: Customize your YouTube channel

Customization helps you create great design, clear organization, and can help attract new viewership, build subscribers, and create a recognizable look and feel for your channel. There are several areas you should focus on when customizing your channel appearance.