#6 YouTube Partners: Guide to your YouTube analytics

· December 14, 2013

YouTube analytics provides you with the insights to help you grow your channel and maximize revenue with detailed information on earnings, audience engagement, traffic sources and more. Analytics also includes filters that allow you to sort by content, geography, and date, so you can quickly discover if a video is popular in a certain region or look at performance over a date range.


Here are a few examples of the comprehensive reports offered.
Earnings reports display one of the most important features for partners, the ability to track your earnings. These reports show your estimated earnings and total views for your channel. You can also see which ad formats had the most impact in driving revenue.


Shown as a graph, audience retention reports display the views of every moment of your video as a percentage of views, helping you find the right mix of elements like video style, length, promotion, and more. When viewers rewind and re-watch a particular moment or start viewing mid-video, the graph moves upward. Fast-forwarding or abandoning the video, will push the graph downwards. Pay close attention to the first fifteen seconds of every video. That’s when viewers are most likely to drop off.


Engagement reports are a great way to understand your audience interest. You can view subscribers, likes and dislikes, favorites, comments, and sharing. See how viewers are receiving and interacting with your content and use this info to improve your channel.


Traffic sources reports show the various YouTube features and external sites through which the viewer found your content. There are many ways people find videos. They search for them on YouTube, click on suggested videos thumbnails, or follow links from social networking websites like Google+. Use these insights to optimize your metadata and focus your outreach strategy.


All reports are available online from your YouTube account, but you can also download them by clicking download report. There is much more data available on YouTube analytics to help you maximize revenue and retention. YouTube is always adding new features and updating our reports, so keep up with the latest news from our Creator Hub and blog. If you would like more information on Youtube analytics, download the creator playbook here.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUU9urHAwco

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