#7 YouTube Partners: Customize your YouTube channel

· May 2, 2014

Customization helps you create great design, clear organization, and can help attract new viewership, build subscribers, and create a recognizable look and feel for your channel. There are several areas you should focus on when customizing your channel appearance.


These include: your channel background, your top banner, info in settings, thumbnails, and playlists.
Your background should feature the personalities and mood that best suits your content. To upload an image to be your channel background, click on your profile icon on the top right. In the drop down menu, click my channel. On your channel, click settings on the top left.


The top banner is one of the most prominent components of your partner channel. This is a great area to showcase your channel’s personality and any important links or content. When utilizing space for the top banner, your content and background image do get pushed down. Keep this shift in mind when designing your background and top banner. Go to my channel, click edit channel, in the appearance tab, select pixel height you’d like to expose – between zero and one hundred fifty. You can also make your top banner interactive with an image map. To add an image map paste in your pre-created image map html code. Some clickable links you might also want to include would be: a subscribe now button, social media links, and your website address.


To customize the info and settings of your page, just click the edit button in the channel view. You can add a channel description, social media links, or external links to your site.
You can also customize elements of your videos these include thumbnails and playlists.


Thumbnails are mini marketing posters for your videos. As a partner you have the ability to create custom thumbnails. The images you choose should always accurately represent the content of the video. Make sure they’re well-framed, with a good composition and a foreground image that stands out from the background. Thumbnails should attract viewers to the high-quality videos you’re producing.
Playlists are also a great way to help users navigate your content. Organizing your content into meaningful groups will help your audience quickly and easily find the videos they’re looking for. Build playlists that feature your most viewed videos or newest uploads to keep your channel fresh.


Remember YouTube offers a variety of tools to help customize your channel and your videos. Take advantage of these tools to further grow your presence on YouTube. To learn more about customization, download the creator playbook here.

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSWOfi5buAY

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