Fraps Review: The Best Game Recording Software To Retain Original Game Quality Without Lag

· February 28, 2014


  • Records most games
  • Simple interface
  • Outstanding video quality
  • Game benchmarking
  • Reduce game lag
  • Support Max. 100 FPS; but FPS rate depends on specific game


  • Needs high end computer
  • Only saves as AVI
  • Uncompressed videos; Needs ton of hard drive space
  • Does not record desktop
  • No editing/convert/compress functions
  • Does not support other codecs


  • High level gamers
  • PC game package recording; League of Legends/ Battlefield/ Bioshock Infinite/SimCity
My teenage cousin uses Fraps, Dxtory, Bandicam, and liteCam HD. He chose Fraps the most powerful game recording software. Because it never drop in FPS. (For me, liteCam HD is enough to record Minecraft.)
Criterion of Best Game Recording Software: To record a game footage, it should have less lag not to interrupt your game. It also should record dual sounds which means game recording software records both computer sound and microphone for your audio analysis. If possible, additional webcam recording is useful to record your face or to show your keyboard/mouse control. For the clear game image, high quality recording is essential.
Fraps fits those criteria perfectly. Fraps seldom drops FPS in games and keeps the same quality of original game graphic. Because Fraps does not compress the recording files. In other words, the recording file size is huge. For example, we record 1080p for just 30 seconds, Fraps produces 2GB files. If you record game to upload it to YouTube, you should find another video converter. BUT above all, Fraps allows to record more games than other game recording software, since a lot of customer base have reported a failure and Fraps team has updated. (Its way of working is similar to anti-virus company. They could not test all of games so they rely on customers’ report.)