ezvid Review: Completely free video maker but designed for YouTube channel, not for users

· December 7, 2013



  • Completely free of cost
  • Upload the video to YouTube directly
  • No spyware or adware or any bundled junk


  • Just give an option to upload on YouTube; No official functions to save or export your videos to others; your computer or facebook or Vimeo, etc.
  • Max. 45 minutes of recording time
  • In Windows XP, it needs service pack 3 or newer.
  • Failed to insert the background music


ezvid said on their website that “it is designed for close synchronization with YouTube”. so if you want to save or export ezvid videos to your computer, they recommend you to upload your videos to YouTube first, then download them from there (with YouTube downloader) – it’s a weird procedure. In addition, it does not allow you to put your own music to ezvid videos because of YouTube’s copyright policy.


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