CamStudio Review: One million has downloaded the free screen recording software. What have you found?

· December 7, 2013

CamStudio website


  • Freeware; but toolbars and other software installed if you are not careful.
  • Easily cut out unwanted video
  • Record desktop, videos and games
  • Portable version


  • 2GB file size limit
  • Crash on HD or 3D gaming
  • No zoom feature
  • Poor sound quality
  • Blurry video with default settings

CamStudio is the FIRST free screen recorder; i still love its UI and working. CamStudio has run through the donations. But it would be very thin. So they have added an advertising supported installer to raise funds so that developers to keep fixing the bugs and adding features. But it became the first obstacle to beginners.
CamStudio is also famous for its lossless codec. CamStudio lossless codec has very fast encoding speed and direct upload to YouTube. But its compression rate is negative compare to Innoheim screen capture codec(iSCC) and Techsmith Screen Capture Codec(TSCC). Check out the video codec comparison result;


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