liteCam HD Review: The Easiest Video Capture Software You’ll Ever Use

· May 2, 2014


  • Record a computer screen and Convert the YouTube to MP3
  • Schedule Recording
  • Webcam recording
  • Simple user interface
  • High quality recording
  • Trimming a video clip


  • Only saves as AVI(MP4 Converting is available in the program)
  • Needs administrator privileges not to trigger a UAC prompt


  • YouTube/Vimeo/Hulu/TV Program Downloader
  • Webinar/Seminar recorder
  • Minecraft gamer
liteCam HD is the most easy-to-use computer screen recorder for Windows we’ve ever seen. liteCam Team made video recording software simple, yet powerful enough to create stunning HD quality videos. liteCam HD team studied what users were doing with video capture software, and they hide the complicated setting options most users dont’s use. But liteCam HD is not a basic program; You can capture streaming or non-streaming videos with audio from your PC, extract sound from video to mp3 file, schedule recordings at particular time, and record your webcam. Unlike more video recording software, liteCam HD provides some editing capabilities. While you recording, you can take a screenshot and draw on the screen. After you record your screencast and audio with liteCam HD, you can cut unwanted video clip and add title, credits, and company logos.


liteCam HD is pretty much easy-to-use video capture software. Other video recording software like HyperCam and Camtasia can’t match liteCam HD’s easy of use. Techsmith’ Camtasia Studio(5 stars in Video Editing Software Reviews) is wonderful for screencasting, but more capable at video editing than its brother SnagIt(5 starts in Screen capture Reviews), and it’s still very complicated compared to liteCam HD. No matter you are a tech savvy or a common home user, with liteCam HD you can easily capture onscreen activities to satisfy all your recording needs.


Discover liteCam HD. It is high quality computer screen recorder with compact file size for streaming videos, TV broadcast and movies. We found liteCam HD videos are indistinguishable from live action. Its Rsupport Screen Capture Codec(RSCC) allows liteCam HD capture screen video fast in real time with the compression during the video capture. This codec offers you a higher compression and 30% much faster speed compared to TechSmith Screen Capture Codec(TSCC). But RSCC codec creates a large size of the video files because of lossless codec. There are also on options that allows users to keep nice quality with smaller video files with the lossy codec; Microsoft mpeg4 v3 codec. Users can easily select a right codec with simple settings.


liteCam HD is the computer screen recorder to record both computer and microphone. Once you install the liteCam HD, it detects your system and automatically sets up a device to record computer sound. Another video editing software, Camtasia Studio does not select a device automatically. You should manually select it from the menu. Most of screen recorder provides similar sound quality. The difference is that liteCam does not compress the audio files but Camtasia studio does. But if you are not familiar with the sound setting, you may need to spend some time to study for the best settings for Camtasia Studio. All in all, liteCam HD is an expressive screen recorder that makes it very easy to record both computer sound and microphone. There is one more feature I really love to use; Audio extracting function. liteCam HD allows you to extract audio from a video files. Namely, you can rip audio to MP3 files from YouTube music videos. It produces very good audio quality the same of the original video’s! Convert audio recordings to MP3, WMA, and WAV format for playing on your music devices.


Matthew C. Jackson runs the SketchUp blog over at Fine Homebuilding’s website, appropriately named “The Digital Jobsite Blog” He had used Debut Video Capture Software to create SketchUp software tutorials. But He changed it to liteCamHD. “I really like the ease of use liteCam HD compared to Debut Video software that I used before. liteCam produces much clearer video and the Sketchup tool cursors that are essential in my tutorials show up nicely in the screen capture recording”
liteCam HD makes your mouse pointer more visible. You may like the ability to switch on and off the mouse cursor. With liteCam HD mouse effects, you can also change your mouse pointer in various ways (shape, color, and size), right click or left click for a different mouse effects.



liteCam HD lets you schedule a time to record at particular time and start or end in a certain length of time. It’s perfect to record webinar, seminar, and online conference if you can’t attend. liteCam works with GoToWebinar, Webex, GoToMetting, and others. Luckily there is no time limitations. You can record even nonstop webinar/webcast. We highly recommend liteCam HD to record valuable webinar to view it later for your business!
Timer recording is also useful to record your favorite TV shows, drama, baseball, and football games to watch them later. Just hitting record button, you can record it as if you were sitting in front of the computer. When the recording is finished, you can set your computer turn itself off automatically. So Please note that liteCam HD does not record in sleep mode or when PC goes into Screen saver. so please turn off the screensaver option.


Are you looking for a fancy camcorder for YouTube videos? With your webcam recording, you can make it easy. liteCam HD records your webcam resolution itself. So you can create a nice quality video with just a decent webcam. If you are creating a presentation video, show your active speech simultaneously in the corner of the screen with Picture-in-Picture (PIP) function to build up the trust on your video. Games players can record their keyboard/mouse movement or funny face while game playing. Other Game recording software such as Fraps((5 stars in Game Recording Software Reviews) and Bandicam((x stars in Game Recording Software) do not support live webcam recording when capture video.


Mainly video recording software does not provide the video editing functions. But most of video makers want to cut or trim the part of their mistake or add title at the beginning of their videos. They are force to use other video editing software which is difficult to handle and expensive to buy. But liteCam HD has simple but enough video editing functions for a video production. It allows to annotate on the screen while recording. Zoom effect is available without video editor! On the preview, you can easily cut or trim the part of your videos that you don’t want to play. In addition, you can add a title, credits, and your logo to your videos. This is the reason we chose liteCam HD is the best video recording software for windows users! Amazing HD quality with simple video editing functions!


When you finish recording, liteCam produces high resolution AVI video. You can upload it to YouTube directly. But liteCam does not have one-click option to publish it to YouTube, or burn it to DVD, or portable devices. Instead of having various formats, liteCam HD has Video Converting functions. You can convert your videos to MP4 or WMV with small size and high resolution. Through converting videos, you can watch them on multiple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and Android Phones, etc. Share your video with the world or a selected group!