Bandicam Review: Nice Video Game Recording Software For YouTube Video Creator

· February 18, 2014


  • Records game and videos
  • Small file size is good to publish on YouTube
  • Image capture
  • Dual sounds input


  • No editing functions
  • Only saves as AVI
  • Sometimes audio out of sync with video


  • YouTube game channel owner
  • Game capture beginner who does not edit the footage
  • Low or normal PC spec gamers
Bandicam is a versatile software to record games, videos, and desktop activities. It uses MPEG-1 video decoder; “lossy” codec. (Their recording mode is exactly same of liteCam HD. But liteCam HD contains both ‘lossless’ codec and ‘lossy’ codec. “Lossless” codec is vital to record action on computer screen such as Software tutorials; since desktop recording needs to show clear mouse movement.) Bandicam’s lossy compression creates smaller files by losing some information about the original images. In case of game or video, human eyes could not detect the slight changes in color.
Bandicam can record DirectX/OpenGL programs like the Fraps. You should set the priority between smaller file size and higher FPS. If you are not sensitive to game playing graphic quality, Bandicam would be a good alternative to Fraps, especially for YouTube game channel owner. It produces nice game videos with small size files. You can directly upload your videos to YouTube as soon as you have finished recording. Bandicam makes your game recording and sharing simply. But the game graphic is not as good as Fraps. Bandicam free trial limits 10 minutes in length and has a watermark at the top of the video. Fraps trials is 10 seconds limits with watermark, too.